Emerald Spa Center

body_treatIonian Emerald Resort and Spa Hotel in Kefalonia Island Greece offers special relaxation facilities such as Spa programs, Welness and treatment services, styling, coiffure and hair cutting.
The Calmless at all hotel spaces will make you feel diferent and relaxed at once. There are special, modern and seperated spaces for men or women depending on the relaxation program or the personal care and treatmnet needs of each one as well.
Although, except of Spa spaces there are some more Welness facilities and areas such as Coiffure shop, manicure and pedicure facilities, massage room, special body treatment facilities.



Apivita Products

APIVITA, inspired by the philosophy of Hippocrates, Greek nature and the power of aromatherapy, has created the APIVITA SPA. A unique series of holistic, natural and effective treatments that combine APIVITA natural products with innovative treatments and special massage techniques that promise to inspire wellbeing to body and soul. In the protected environment of the spa, a place of tranquillity and relaxation, we follow a holistic therapeutic approach that rejuvenates and stimulates the five senses. The unique spa experience can also be continued at home with the suitable APIVITA products.



In APIVITA SPA treatments we use the APIVITA natural products, which are based on organic essential oils, plant extracts and oils from organic cultivations, and pure honey products of Greek nature. APIVITA SPA treatments are inspired by traditional face and body treatments and incorporate ingredients from the Mediterranean diet to create a relaxing and rejuvenating natural experience. With up to 100% of natural ingredients, APIVITA products do not contain parabens, propylene glycol or silicones.



With its 30 years of experience in the domain of natural cosmetics, APIVITA possesses a deep knowledge and considerable expertise of Greek flora. The choice of natural ingredients is based on clinical studies that have proven their effectiveness. For example, in the queen bee treatment the royal jelly is trapped encapsulated in liposomes that delivers its active ingredients deeper into the keratin layers of the skin. In the wine elixir treatment we use the power of red wine, which according to clinical studies reduces the surface of wrinkles by up to 77% and the number of wrinkles around the eyes by 71%. As in nature, the active ingredients are appropriately combined to give complex compositions that maximize the action of the products. APIVITA SPA utilizes this knowledge, combined with aromatherapy and special massage techniques, to create remarkable therapies that give impressive and immediate visible results.



Based on the principles and philosophy of Hippocrates, APIVITA SPA treatments were designed to offer holistic care, rejuvenation and wellbeing. The holistic approach of APIVITA is based on the use of essential oils – the soul of plants. Essential oils are particularly effective as their scent positively affects the psyche and improves our mood, while they also nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin in depth. APIVITA SPA offers a complete experience of relaxation and wellbeing for the body and soul, through its specialized treatments and massage techniques incorporated in the APIVITA signature massage, hot baths and the use of essential oils.